Lake Granby Yacht Club

Hardwater Regatta Annual Meeting

April 23, 2016 at the home of Mike and Cheryl Leidich, Golden, CO


Commodore’s Report:

Commodore Will Kaufman called the meeting to order.  He made a motion to accept the minutes from the 2015 meeting.  The motion was passed.

Will said that he will continue as Webmaster this year and will keep the website up to date. 

He said that there will be 4 Full Moon Events this year.  These will be in the evenings and will be an informal race or sail and a campout. 

He talked about Race Qs which is a free app we can put on our cellphones.  It will record our positions and other data while we are racing.  We can play back a race later and see the positions of boats, their speeds and other conditions. 

Treasurer’s Report:

Terry reported that the funds in the club checking account were $4993.68 on 12/31/15.  Income was $1870.00 and expenses were $1849.50.  Income exceeded expenses by $20.50.  We had 22 full members and 2 social members.  A motion was made to accept the Treasurers Report.  The motion was passed.

The club will take donations for Community Sailing.

Jack Bakken was the Forest Service Liason for the Club.  Jack passed away this year.  Terry said that he has been in touch with the Forest Service and has given them his contact information to be the new contact for the Club. 

Race Chairman’s Report:

Sid began by talking about Peer Bjornstad and Jack Bakken.  Peer and Jack were both among the first members of the Club and both of them passed away this year. 

                Peer was an active racer and an active social member.  He served on club committees.  He continued to do race committee work even after he had stopped racing.

                Jack was Commodore in 1995.  He brought Lin and Larry Pardey here for a speaking engagement and workshops for an LGYC event in Denver.  He was a USYRU judge and an appraiser.  He was club auctioneer and auctioned off donated items to raise money for the club.  He was Forest Service Liason.  He and Hopey hosted many parties for the club their home.

Both Jack and Peer will be missed.

The club purchased copies of the book “Sailors Guide to the Racing Rules”.  Copies were given to the members at the meeting.  Other copies are available for those who were not there.

The race schedule was decided and people signed up for race committee. 

The old computer that was used for figuring race scores has broken.  Sid talked about the new tablet that has replaced it. 

New Business:

There was a discussion about revisions to the Bylaws.  Copies of the Bylaws and proposed revisions were e-mailed to all members before the meeting and printed copies were available at the meeting.  There was a vote on the proposed revisions which passed unanimously.  The new Bylaws will be posted on the website. 

Will talked about the moonlight sailing program in more detail.  Will was appointed to be in charge of moonlight sailing.

The junior sailing program was a big success last year.  Matt Bailey is in charge of looking into expanding the program.  Dates for this year will be decided later. 

Jeff talked about Adams Camp.  This is a program for disabled children sponsored by NSCD and YMCA of the Rockies.   They are looking for volunteers to take children and staff sailing.  Jeff said he and several others did it last year and it was a good experience for both the children and the skippers.  The dates are:

Thursday June 23  9:30 to 11:30  13 total

Friday June 24  9:00 to 10:15 and 10:30 to 12:00  25 total

Thursday June 30  9:30 to 11:30  13 total

Thursday July 21  9:30 to 11:30  13 total

Thursday August 4  9:30  to 11:30  13 total

Friday August 5  9:00 to 10:15  and 10:30 to 12:00  25 total

Sid talked about the new books that have been donated to the club library and urged everybody to take at least 2.

Will gave out LGYC bumper stickers to those who needed them.

Officers were elected for 2016:

Commodore:  Law Powell

Vice Commodore:  John Stritt

Treasurer:  Terry Pratt 

Secretary:  Gary Sliverman

Positions appointed by the Commodore:

Race Chairman:  Sid Brugger

Webmaster:  Will Kaufman

Forest Service contact:  Terry Pratt

Junior Sailing Director:  Matt Bailey

Adams Camp:  Jeff Davidson

Walter Green and Amy Branch from High Performance Sail Repair in Golden attended the meeting.  They brought a boat model.  Jeff was selected to match labels with parts of the boat.

2016 Racing and Event Schedule:

June 11 Spring Series Races 1&2 committee:   Dick Scheurer

June 18 Spring BBQ at Lakeshore Clubhouse, Will Kaufman followed by Full Moon Event race, sail or campout

June 25 Spring Series Races 3&4 committee:  Will Kaufman

July 9 Spring Series Races 5&6 committee:  Johan Stokstad

July 16 Full Moon Event race, sail, or campout Will Kaufman

July 23 Commodore’s Race and Party race: Law Powell,  party:  Gary and Liz Pearce

July 30 Summer Series Races 1&2  committee:  Mike Leidich

August 13 Summer Series Races 3&4 committee:  Sid Brugger

August 20 Full Moon Event race, sail, or campout Will Kaufman

August 27 Summer Series Races 5&6  committee:  Gary Silverman

September 10 Manifest Race  Jeff Davidson party at Jensens or Leidichs

September 17 Full Moon Event race, sail, or campout Will Kaufman